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WIAD Greece 2015 will be hosted in M2 (building 2) of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. Designed by the renowned architect Arata Isozaki, M2 (building 2) adorns the city with a unique construction that epitomizes the virtues of modern architecture. Geometrical lines, extended glass surfaces and elements of steel compose an image of imposing simplicity, that comes as an antithetic, yet equivalent complement to the neighboring M1

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and having an exceptional infrastructure, the Auditorium will seat 500 lucky attendees of our main event, with the amazing Foyer setting the stage for another 500 guests of our parallel events (demos, exhibitions and live performances) plus live screenings of every talk from the Auditorium. Underneath the M2 lies a two-level underground parking lot of 11.800 sqm, offering places for over 230 vehicles. Individuals with special needs have an easy access to the venue, with appropriate seating in the Auditorium and Conference Rooms


10:00 EET - 12:00 EET
Make it happen: from idea to reality

In this workshop, Design Toolkit will share the knowhow they acquired along the way and work together with you to discover, in practice, how to take an idea and turn it into reality

Design Toolkit Design Toolkit Eleni Samara, Panagiotis Metallinos, Pantelis Toutounopoulos and Markos Giannopoulos

10:00 EET - 12:00 EET
City's sentiments

In this workshop, PROPLUSMA Arkitektones will lead you in a day out, documenting your feelings for our host city and creating a sentiment map of this journey on the Thessaloniki seafront. Please bring your bike, your Facebook account and a smartphone or tablet to participate

PROPLUSMA Arkitektones PROPLUSMA Arkitektones Eugenia Manta, Michail Provelengios and Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou

12:40 EET - 12:50 EET
The year ahead

Our aim is to help people use design to accelerate innovation across Europe, boosting economic growth and job creation. We believe design is about more than just the way things look, it’s about transforming the way they work

Design for Europe Design for Europe Neoklis Stamkos

13:00 EET - 13:30 EET
Human mind and objects

In this talk, Sotiris will explore the mental relationship between human beings and everyday objects, provide an overview of contemporary European automotive design and its elements. This talk will then focus on the design evolution of a production vehicle (Toyota Yaris)

Sotiris Kovos Sotiris Kovos Studio Kovos Design, Toyota, Audi

14:00 EET - 14:30 EET
What we've learned from being our own client

As an employed designer, freelancer and founder of the design studio Bureau Oberhaeuser, Martin has worked for many exciting clients and on countless challenging projects. But bringing your own product to life is something completely different. This talk will be about his experience while designing, developing, launching and optimising the public transportation app Nextr. What are the main differences between being a contractor and your own client? This talk will also cover the challenges of marketing and maintaining a product, while also handling the support for end-users from a designer's perspective

Martin Oberhäuser Martin Oberhäuser Bureau Oberhaeuser, Nextr

16:00 EET - 16:30 EET
Making feedback matter through communities

From an invisible product, millions of users and your own company. How can you actively collect feedback and understand your audience in a meaningful way? At Intel, 99% of customers don't even know it exists. A product inside a box that's branded as anything else but Intel. How do you collect feedback and understand your audience if they don't even know you exist? At McCann Erickson, clients' feedback may not be reflective of the actual users' feedback. How do you filter that? At Zynga, over 20 different genres of games with millions of users each. How can you understand their needs? At Dropbox, how do you get feedback from 300 million users and make their experience seamless across multiple platforms? At E-Dublin, how can you weight users' feedback vs. your own desires to change things in your own company?

Eduardo Giansante Eduardo Giansante Dropbox, E-Dublin

17:00 EET - 17:30 EET
Book'n'Bloom / / Tape Creator / / Periptera

Book'n'Bloom, make your customers happy (Eirini Trigoudi and Amalia Zioga) - Redesigning with humans in mind, a study in (Ioannis Pelelis) - Tape Creator: introducing retrohappiness (Roxani Kotoula) - making ideas come true via crowdsourcing (Maria Makri) - Periptera: a mobile app - finally realised (Ioanna Archontaki, Thanos Koutsourakis and George Termentzoglou)

Lightning Talks Lightning Talks A selection of the finest young Greek UX design professionals

18:30 EET - 19:00 EET
Design for joy

In this talk, Robert shows some recent projects and shares the methods and tools that he and his colleagues at Edenspiekermann have found to be useful in their daily work. In our professional lives as designers, techies and information architects, we should realise that we work not only for our clients and their customers but also for ourselves. Robert claims that as architects of information we also wield the power to design for happiness and joy

Robert Stulle Robert Stulle Edenspiekermann

19:30 EET - 20:00 EET
Why side projects are stupid

In this talk, Tobias will be uncovering the secret of why side projects are stupid, followed by examples based on his own projects and clear action steps to ensure continued personal growth

Tobias van Schneider Tobias van Schneider Spotify, Memomi, Semplice


Manolis Stratis Manolis Stratis
Sofia Stergiopoulou Sofia Stergiopoulou
Alexandra Alexandridou Alexandra Alexandridou

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