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09:15 AM EST - 10:15 AM EST
The Architecture of Searcher Behaviors

Search is an integral part of information architecture (IA). Yet many web professionals believe that search engine usage is a failure of site navigation and the underlying architecture. In reality, a website's information architecture can actually support searcher behavior and make content easier to find via browsing, querying, and asking...even on the World Wide Web.

In this session, search expert Shari Thurow will go over searcher behaviors that all websites should accommodate - from fishing expeditions to known-item searching. Includes quick tips and techniques on properly optimizing digital documents for a positive searcher experience.

Shari Thurow Shari Thurow Founder and SEO Directory, Omni Marketing Interactive

10:30 AM EST - 11:15 AM EST
Serendipity by design

Humans are naturally creative, curious beings. We like to solve our own puzzles, and our brains reward us with a rush of dopamine every time we make uncommon connections between seemingly unrelated things. This is serendipity, and it brings us happiness. Designers have a chance to facilitate serendipity within the experiences we create.

I will share examples of how my teams have made data-driven, user-centered design choices that facilitate serendipity. And because serendipity is often seen as synonymous with uncertainty in business, we will discuss best practices for how to present, promote, and build client advocacy for serendipity.

Brian Donovan Brian Donovan Associate Director UX Strategy at Resource/Ammirati

10:30 AM EST - 11:15 AM EST
Down to the Last (Reservation) Detail: Getting the Review Step Right on

When user research showed the reservations team how important it was for users to review their details before confirming a reservation, we set out on a process of iterative experience design and research to get it right. The result was ultimately a change in the steps of our reservation path, and a major overhaul of the review page to make it clearer, more pleasing, and responsive, so that it now gives users the information they need to be reassured, on any device size.

Carrie Garzich Carrie Garzich Director of Experience Design, Reservation Experience at Marriott International

11:30 AM EST - 12:15 PM EST
Joyful Error Messages & Other Musings on Eliciting Emotion in Our Digital Life

Do people really want or expect information to make them happy? As designers and architects, can we actually architect happiness or is it something else? With the tidal wave of the Internet of Things and sensors monitoring our every move, it's never been more important to connect information and experiences. It's about empowering people to do whatever they need to do and move on. In this talk, I'll show you how we need to aim for confidence over happiness but the devil (& delight) is in the details.

Nicole Capuana Nicole Capuana Director of User Experience at LeanDog

11:30 AM EST - 12:15 PM EST
Tips and Tricks to Conducting a Successful Content Audit

In short, a content audit is the tracking of all content you currently publish, and it is considered a cornerstone of a successful content strategy. Also, the term generally applies to governance of website content, but auditing the content included in your user assistance library is equally important, regardless of if that content is used for online help, printed manuals, graphic walkthroughs, videos, or a combination of all of these. This process is also commonly associated with the term "mind-numbing."

In this presentation, we'll look into ways of creating an effective and less painful audit plan.

Denise Kadilak Denise Kadilak Information Architect/Team Manager at Blackbaud

01:45 PM EST - 02:30 PM EST
Crafting Happy Negotiations

Negotiation is a hot topic in technology and this talk will provide the most influential ideas in business regarding negotiation and empower the audience to be effective negotiators.

IA's negotiate on behalf of users throughout the development life cycle. We do this as we work with team members, stakeholder and clients; and those skills are especially helpful when we make difficult-to-hear recommendations. Unfortunately, many of us are not taught skills that will help us negotiate well.

This session will provide the audience with tools to become effective negotiators in their personal and professional lives.

Carol Smith Carol Smith Manager, UX Design at UPMC’s Technology Development Center

01:45 PM EST - 02:30 PM EST
Architecting a Happy (or at Least Effective) UX Team

As a UX practitioner, you are reminded every day that "You are not the user!" , so you painstakingly consider the user’s needs, goals, and even their environments in your work. Yet, have you ever stopped to consider your own needs as practitioner or the needs of a happy team? Have you ever done an assessment of your own strengths and the strengths of your team to best serve the user? This talk will focus on the various dimensions that make up a happy UX team and how to assess your new or existing teams. We'll also take a peek into a small, local UX team seeking to make big changes in their organization by using each of their individual strengths to their advantage.

Rachel Von Hendrix Rachel Von Hendrix User Experience Designer at Westfield Insurance
Leah Ogonek Leah Ogonek User Experience Designer at Westfield Insurance
Christina Stanger Christina Stanger User Experience Designer at Westfield Insurance

02:45 PM EST - 03:30 PM EST
Beyond the Page Fold - Exploring UX Mythology

Too often does good UX design fall prey to "conventional wisdom" and an app or website is hijacked by stakeholders way too eager to believe theoretical nonsense, without any credible proof or even their own relevant experience. In this session, we will explore some of the more common pitfalls of UX mythology, from the legendary Adventures Beyond the Page Fold, to The 3 Clicks of Destiny, to The Faceted Navigation of Doom and more! Armed with the truth, you will be able to reliably defend against the onslaught of poor UX, perpetrated by design-by-committee, and reach true UX harmony.

Benjamin Bykowski Benjamin Bykowski VP of Interactive and Technology at Falls Digital

02:45 PM EST - 03:30 PM EST
Tree Testing Improves Information Architecture for EY Enterprise Intranet Navigation

EY uses the EY Home Page to connect daily with its 190,000+ employees. As the first thing an employee sees when logging in, the Enterprise Intranet delivers access to key job performance resources and tools, acts as the central hub for the up-to-the-minute EY News and is the central search engine for all of EY tools and resources.

We run regular findability studies for this critical portal, frequently using Tree Testing. We will present both study results and the resulting navigation improvements -- focusing specifically on how we design improvements for ease of use and general findability.

Tim Harnett Tim Harnett Communities Business Application Analyst at Ernst & Young
Sarah Bond Sarah Bond EY Home Page Business Application Manager at Ernst & Young

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