Recap of World IA Day Enschede 2015
Word IA Day's first edition in The Netherlands was a great success. Over 70 people came to Enschede to listen to a variety of talks about architecting happiness and there was a nice and 'gezellig' atmosphere throughout the day.

If you couldn't make it or want to listen to the talks once again you can visit the GriDD Youtube channel for video's of all talks and activities by clicking here. For more information and photos of the day visit our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Hopefully we'll see you next year!

About World IA Day Enschede
Word IA Day Enschede is open to anyone interested in learning and sharing about information architecture and effective information. It is a FREE one day conference in Enschede, The Netherlands.

GriDD will host the first Dutch edition in Enschede and will provide an attractive programme with lectures on a variety of subjects within the theme ‘Architecting Happiness’.
Everybody has, at a certain point, cursed a website for not doing what you wanted: an information architect managed to influence your emotion by delivering poor design. Or cursed because signs in the street seem to make no sense. Usually, this is not what information architects are trying to achieve, they prefer to make users happy with their architectures. But how do they do this? How can you make people happy with information architecture?
This will be the angle for the talks and discussions during our event. We will focus on the digital world, the real world and ways to connect these two.

World IA Day Enschede will be held at the headquarters of TriMM Interactive Media and GriDD Consultancy. A document containing travel directions can be found here. The address is:

Moutlaan 25
7523 MC
Google map

Free bus transportation from Amsterdam!
If you are from the Amsterdam region, you're in luck! We are able to offer free bus transportation to Enschede. And better yet: the conference will start on the road with a talk in the bus by an exciting speaker!
Check Eventbrite for availability

Parking & public transportation
There is free parking available next to the building.
If you are planning to travel by public transportation, take bus 2 (direction 'Deppenbroek') from Enschede Central Station to the stop named "Roombeek". From there it is a 7 minute walk to the TriMM building.
Alternatively, you can take a Smartcab from Enschede Central Station. It starts at €2,80 with €1 for every additional kilometer. The distance is about 2 km.

The main language of this day will be Dutch. The information here is in English because we want to make accessible for a broader audience. However, if you would like to attend but do not speak Dutch: please do register and give us a heads up that you're coming. Many of our conference visitors speak both languages, so we'll do our very best to make sure you can enjoy the event as much as the Dutchies!

If you're looking for a place to stay, hotels near the venue include:
Hotel de Broeierd
Intercity Hotel Enschede


7.45 - 9.45
Free bus transportation from Amsterdam to Enschede

Thanks to Gemeente Enschede, a bus will depart for Enschede from Amsterdam (Sloterdijk station). While driving to your destination, one of our speakers will give a great talk about their area of expertise. We are happy to announce that Jacco will be the speaker in the bus from Amsterdam.

Jacco Nieuwland Jacco Nieuwland Senior UX Consultant at

09.45 - 10.30
Welcome and registration

We welcome you at our venue and will provide you with the information you will need during the day.

10.30 - 10.45
Opening of the first World IA Day in The Netherlands

Mark Geljon, managing partner of GriDD, is your host this day.
He will open the conference and coordinate throughout the day.

Mark Geljon Mark Geljon Managing partner at GriDD and Enschede City Leader

10.45 - 11.15
VOF de Loods

Gerben Broekmaat will explain how, out of dissatisfaction about proper daycare for psychiatric patients, he and Djurre Menges started a place where they could combine their passion for cars with psychiatric care. For more information click on Gerben's photo or name.

Gerben Broekmaat Gerben Broekmaat Owner at VOF de Loods, Nurse Specialist Mental Health Care
Djurre Menges Djurre Menges Owner at VOF de Loods, Nurse Specialist Mental Healthcare

11.15 - 11.45
Serious Gaming 101

Menno researches how games can motivate people in different contexts; from recreative environments and therapy sessions, to schools and public space. In his talk he will explain which aspects are important when designing for happiness, based on the games he designed. Click on his name or photo for an extensive description of his talk.

Menno Deen Menno Deen Game Design[er] Researcher

11.45 - 12.45

Join us for food and beverages and have some time to mingle and discuss the great talks of the morning.

12.45 - 14.00
Afternoon session A: Emile Nijssen (Athom) & Jeroen Grit (GriDD)

Emile Nijssen is co-founder of Athom and will present Homey, your virtual friend, during this session. This smart device will automate your living room by controlling your devices via voice commands. Afterwards Jeroen Grit will tell you about Fast track UX and how he applied this method for the website redesign of Philips Lighting. Click their names or photos for more information on their talks.

Emile Nijssen Emile Nijssen Co-founder Athom, Product Visionary of Homey
Jeroen Grit Jeroen Grit Managing consultant and UX lead at GriDD

12.45 - 14.00
Session B: Tom Segers (Selfcare) & Xander Roozen (Informaat)

Tom Segers will introduce to the world of home health monitoring, he takes part in the development of a dashboard which users can use to monitor their health at home and thereby prevent diseases, instead of curing them. Next Xander will tell you everything about designing for human ecosystems and which role information architecture takes in this process. Click their names or photos for more information on their talks.

Tom Segers Tom Segers Co-owner RediC BV
Xander Roozen Xander Roozen Senior Information Architect at Informaat

12.45 - 14.00
Session C: Paul Roks (Dekkei group) & Niels Hoogendoorn (

Paul Roks will challenge the visitors in his talk to re-think architecting happiness; he will argue that is not possible to manipulate everything to achieve happiness. Niels Hoogendoorn will show how visual collaboration will contribute to a better team spirit and engagement within projects and leads to better plans and products. Click their photos or names for more information.

Niels Hoogendoorn Niels Hoogendoorn Visual strategist & workshop facilitator
Paul Roks Paul Roks Owner, coach and advisor at Man en Paard.

14.00 - 15.00
Architecting Happiness JAM!

Everyone gathers together to share our insights of the day.

15.00 - 16.00

After we've had the official closing of the day and shared our professional learnings, it's time to relax with a drink.

16.30 - 18.30
Bus departs from Enschede

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