Grand View University Krumm Business Center 1300 Morton Avenue Des Moines, IA Running 9am-1pm! Lightning talks, videos, and more from the world of World IA Day.

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9:00 CDT - 9:30 CDT
Coffee and Networking

9:30 CDT - 9:45 CDT
Welcome and Videos

9:50 - 10:05
Standardization: Good for IA, Good for Accessibility

10:10 CDT - 10:25 CDT
Explain Anything to Stakeholders Using This One Weird Trick

The value of good explanations and how to structure them when working with your boss, your bosses' boss, and other tricky stakeholders.

Amanda Costello Amanda Costello Content Strategist

10:30 CDT - 10:45 CDT
Designing Delightful Transactions
Michael Metts Michael Metts Lead UX Writer

11:10 CDT - 11:25 CDT
Dale Carnegie, UX Designer

It might be hard to believe (or remember), but designing interactions didn't begin with the web. This presentation explores a "What if...?" scenario placing Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, in the role of a UX designer.

Scott Kubie Scott Kubie Des Moines City Leader

11:30 - 11:45
Designing for Multifaceted Users
Kim Flaherty Kim Flaherty UX Designer

11:50 CDT - 12:05 CDT
Minimum Viable Happiness
David Sturtz David Sturtz Product Strategy Director

13:00 CDT - 13:00 CDT
Event Concludes

We'll be all wrapped-up at 1pm!

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