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World IA Day is a free one-day annual conference hosted by the Information Architecture Institute and held simultaneously in dozens of cities across the world. The belgian chapter will be hosted this year at Namahn: Address: Grensstraat/Rue de la limite 21; 1210 Brussels

How to reach us by public transport: Metro 2 or 6 (stop Botanique or Madou) ; Bus 65 or 66 (stop Queteletplein/place Quetelet)


09:30 - 10:00
Breakfast and welcome

09:30 - 13:00
Workshop: Cities, data and happiness (max 16 participants)

Only 16 places available for this workshop:
to register send an email to

When looking at the near future of our socio-technological environment, there seems to be at least one thing that we know for sure : 'data' will play a role. This 'data' can emerge from devices and the context around us, or can be generated by our own behaviour.
In order for data to create happiness for people, we are convinced that providing relevant, personalised information is key. How can we give people the right info at the right time, in the format and through the channel that appeals to them? Information that takes into account their needs and context at that precise moment, their preferences and even their personality. Information without clutter.
In this workshop we think about the possibilities and hurdles to overcome this challenge. What are tools and techniques we can use to look across generations or types of people. How to translate data into relevant info that makes them happy?
Cities are typical hubs that collect a wide variety of data. They bring together different types of people, with different perspectives, diverse interests and varying data requirements. This makes a city an interesting case to explore our topic.
We will use this case to generate and validate ideas, exploring tools and techniques to translate a dataset into information that appeals to multiple types of people in a multitude of situations.

Sofie Dieltjens Sofie Dieltjens Service designer at Studiodott
Dries De Roeck Dries De Roeck Design Researcher at Studiodott

10:30 - 12:30
Sketchnotes workshop

This workshop is for anyone who wants to add visual thinking to their working process.
Sketches are quick and engaging tool to synthesise relevant information and to share ideas in a visual way.
No previous sketching skills required. Participants will have the basics to start sketchnoting through hands-on exercises.

Mara Callaert Mara Callaert Owner at Visuality

12:45 - 13:30

13:30 - 14:00
To game, to play

About happiness in the context of games and gamification.

Joos Callens Joos Callens managing partner at Vliegwerk, play designer

14:00 - 14:30
Case: the EYD 2015 website for the European Commission

Early January 2015, the website for the European Year of Development went live. The site is now steadily filling up with content. The launch is the result of a joint consultancy effort by Namahn and Amplexor, and we would like to share with you how we have worked together on this project, to make it a success:
- The rush start at the end of June 2014, with just a two weeks to do user research, set-up an information architecture and create a draft design
- The peculiarities of working for the Commission (the core team was a mix of Scandinavian, Greek, Rumanian and German persons)
- The challenges of multilingualism at the Commission: a site in 23 languages; the choice for an asymmetrical site (not the same content in every language); a search across content in different languages while retaining one interface language; etc.
- A project in two phases: an analysis and design track in which Namahn took the lead, and a build track in which Amplexor took the lead
- How a UX designer fits in an agile development track (6 sprints), and how a front-end coder (subcontracted by Namahn) forms an important bridge between design team and development team

Koen Peters Koen Peters UX designer at Namahn
Maarten Segers Maarten Segers Drupal Consultant at Amplexor

14:30 - 15:00
On tortoises and hares

If our destination is happy clients, happy architects and happy users, there are many roads we can take to get there. Regardless of the vision for your project, happiness is achieved equally by the destination and the journey. In this talk we’ll take a look down at our feet and discuss how stride, speed and pacing can have a major impact on both.

Pieter Rahier Pieter Rahier Strategist at Internet Architects
Annie Stewart Annie Stewart UX Concept Designer at Internet Architects

15:30 - 16:00
Case Study: An Interactive Negotiation Tool

Architecture and information architecture have little in common at first sight. This short presentation will showcase a project that managed to transform a complex debate over a large development in the centre of Brussels into a pleasant negotiation. Achieving this was done by carefully articulating information into an interactive tool that tied together the parameters relevant to the major stakeholders, revealing in an unbiased way the compromises involved in the project.
While falling short of reaching nirvana, this approach managed to turn an unpleasant conversation between urbanists, private developers and the public institutions into a more enjoyable collaboration.

Dimitrie Stefanescu Dimitrie Stefanescu Architect and computational designer at Bogdan & Van Broeck

16:00 - 16:30
Responsive design: creating a unique user experience

Imagine booking a hotel online for a city trip to Barcelona; imagine the happiness you feel when you arrive at the hotel and the room looks exactly the way it looked in the pictures! Isn’t that great? People love it when they recognise things, when things look just the way they have seen them before. The principle is the same for the web: if things are recognisable whether you look at it on a mobile phone, tablet, desktop or other device, it makes people happy. That is why making your website fully responsive is essential. Tennis Vlaanderen, a Belgian federation that promotes tennis in Flanders, also understood the importance of responsive design and called for our help. I will share with you some of the challenges we overcame and the lessons we learned during this project.

Sjoera Roggeman Sjoera Roggeman UX designer at Human Interface Group

16:30 - 17:00
How visualizing information makes me happy

Mara Callaert is a creative businesswoman, passionate about communication and change.
She is going to give a 'personal' talk on how information and visualisation changed her life and lies at the origin of a new brand 'Visuality'.

Mara Callaert Mara Callaert Owner at Visuality

17:00 - 17:30
The disappearance of the screen
Bart De Waele Bart De Waele CEO at Wijs

17:30 - 19:00
Drinks and networking

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