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Strategic UX design agency, Nomensa host World IA Day Bristol for the third year running at the Arnolfini.

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11:00am (GMT) - 11:30am (GMT)
Errors, experience and structure

We use the word experience throughout our design efforts and yet frequently focus upon the positive, emotive elements of this word. “What does it feel like?” “How does it make us feel?” This talk will challenge the listener to start from a different place. To begin with considering experience from a human error perspective and the root causes of these. It will aim to challenge the listener into questioning the targeting of UX research efforts and ultimately argue that it is structure that plays the greatest role in the mitigation of errors. Only from an error-free position can we begin to build those truly great experiences we strive for as designers.

Jon Fisher Jon Fisher Principal UX Consultant, Nomensa

11:30am (GMT) - 12:00pm (GMT)
The wireframe must die

Our go-to deliverable for documenting experiences and information architectures is the humble wireframe. But what does a wireframe mean to stakeholders and other team members with a different perspective on the product? This talk will explore the limits of what a wireframe can really achieve, and how we can replace it with more useful forms of communication.

James O’Brien James O’Brien Lead UX Architect, Immediate Media Co.

12:00pm (GMT) - 12:30pm (GMT)
You hum it, I'll design it

As UXers, we’re often positioned as the conductors of the experience, tasked with creating experiences that tell a story. In this session I’ll explore the parallels between the structure of music and how, without realising it, we’re all composers – take a bow.

Charles Martin Charles Martin Senior manager of UX, Nationwide

12:30pm (GMT) - 1:00pm (GMT)
Cards for discovery

We’re exploring how we can use Cards as a content discovery format across the BBC. I’ll talk about what benefits this will bring us and our audience, and what challenges we face when we create something that is consistent, portable, and works for all the 10 BBC products.

Emily Heath Emily Heath Senior User Experience Architect - Content Discovery, BBC

2:00pm (GMT) - 2:30pm (GMT)
Is everyone an IA?

Hear the story about how the IA team in the BBC rebranded who they were and what they did to transform every designer into an information architect – freeing up time for the newly named UXA team to identify and exploit the biggest opportunities on the horizon.

Dan Ramsden Dan Ramsden Creative Director for User experience architecture, BBC

2:30pm (GMT) - 3:00pm (GMT)
Draw me a sheep

This talk explores few things The Little Prince can teach us about information environments and the humans that inhabit them.

Universally considered a children’s book, The Little Prince is everything but. At close read, it becomes apparent how it really is a metaphor for the complex information systems we move through, and the challenges humans face while trying to make sense of environments where context is constantly shifting and where the boundaries between imagination and reality, physical and digital are getting blurrier very quickly.

Alberta Soranzo Alberta Soranzo Director of UX, We are Friday

3:00pm (GMT) - 3:15pm (GMT)
Shovel vs. Mouse

This high level talk will focus on the AEC industry and the accelerating change in its operation. Cloud computing, IoT, social networks and machine learning are changing our work process at an unprecedented speed. Join us as we speculate on what the future holds, and how the human role is destined for change.

Connor Alexander Connor Alexander Director, BimScript
John Egan John Egan Director, BIM Script

3:15pm (GMT) - 3:30pm (GMT)
Accessible storytelling

Structuring information in narrative format can be beneficial to users and storytelling has now become popular as a method. However, there are different genres in this, there are happy fairytales and grim horror stories for users. This lightning talk explains why storytelling works in our memory and highlights where it can create problems, especially in accessibility.

Alastair Somerville Alastair Somerville Acuity Design

3:30pm (GMT) - 4:00pm (GMT)
UX debt IA

'Knock it down, and start again’ a line that we've heard often when discussing information architecture. But what if knocking it down and starting it again creates a whole new set of problems, on top of what already existed? This is an all to regular occurrence, Emma will be discussing the concept of IA debt and why understanding it is the key to building successful information architecture.

Emma Chittenden Emma Chittenden Senior UX Consultant, Nomensa

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